May long weekend has come and gone, and we are already into June. For those that ventured to their cottage or boat on the holiday weekend, it was a time for reading and family games. What will our summer weather be? Regardless, a day in our sanctum beats a day at work or in the city. It’s a place to rejuvenate and relax the mind and body. Graham and I find fishing with friends on Sunday afternoons to be our time to refresh for the week ahead. Enjoy your snippets.

Since last fall the marina purchased equipment to replace our old Massey-Ferguson forklift and green truck. The new equipment has been very helpful this spring to make processes more efficient. Our main dock has been upgraded from dock two to dock six, providing a uniform look and safe pathway end to end. We have continued to upgrade our existing dock systems this spring with the addition of another steel tube slip finger. Also this spring, Pauline detailed some interior boats, prepared the store & grounds and cleaned out some of the boater veggie planters. It was wonderful to see the boxes shared by boaters last year. We look forward to your bountiful harvest and clean up at the end of your season.

Our shop staff has dwindled this season. Dennis and Shawn have decided they will not be returning – we will miss them. The duo kept our yard /greenery in top condition. Aleya has taken a position at a Parry Sound area marina. Dave H and Scott will be your techs again this summer. Scott completed his second apprenticeship training this winter. Wayne and Carson have returned for another season, and Chris and Dave M continue to work on the Bay. SHOP hours are 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday until June 30. July & August open daily 8:00am – 4:30pm.

In our store, Pauline will manage the student staff making sure your needs are met. Veterans Carson, Jenna and Madi will aid in training our two new summer store students. Cottager Lysander and part time resident Chloe, join our dock staff this summer. They will be attending the Student Marine Training Program presented by Boating Ontario on June 11th in Parry Sound. Diana will maintain our washroom facilities again this season. Our crew is poised and ready to meet your needs.

We have noticed our propane ‘exchange’ program seems to be going astray. A reminder you may only exchange a propane tank when you bring in an empty tank of the same size. Please do not take tanks in anticipation of needing one. We require the empties on hand to be refilled. If it is at the cottage almost empty, then we are short for the cottager that brings the empty in need of exchange. We have this issue mostly with 40lb tanks. A reminder, exchanging a tank for a different size is not allowed. If you find the 100lbs are getting too cumbersome to haul in, and you wish to convert to 40lbs, you will need to buy the 40lb tanks and the propane to fill it. After ten years time, the valves need to be replaced – this fee is built into the price of the propane. If you have 40lb cylinders, you should have 3-4 tanks: 2 at the cottage, 1-2 here on hand for exchange. This ensures you will have a full one for exchange. We are providing the exchange location and in order for the ‘exchange’ program to work, we need your cooperation. Thank you.

We are still working closely with the Bynkey dump program to make sure we are able to provide you with the correct household garbage disposal information in accordance with their requirements. Household garbage ONLY is to be in the clear bags for the landfill. Clear, colourless bags are the ONLY approved means of disposal. *The bags are to be free of any recyclables or it may be rejected. A couple major changes have been made to the recycling policy:
1) NO bags containing recyclables are to be placed inside the recycling bin. This means you must empty your blue box or blue bag into the recycling bin.
2) Plastic bottles and cans are to be crushed or free of air. Bynkey and WM request the crushing in order to take up the least amount of space in the recycling bin.

** To continue to support the Britt Area Lions’ Club with your donation of empty alcohol containers (beer/wine/liquor) and/or uncrushed aluminium cans of any kind, you may place them in the blue barrels near the propane/recycling bin. A reminder to place the garbage in the proper smaller bear proof green bins and not in the large recycling bin. We try to monitor all the bins to clean out non-conforming items because apparently, some people just don’t care. All we ask is for you to please be vigilant. Feel free to ask if you are unsure whether the item fits into the categories on the bin. If the beginning of the garbage season is any indication of what is ahead (the presence of green garbage bags, paint cans, oil, pots, pans, deep fryer, rugs, Styrofoam, cardboard etc. in the recycling/garbage bins), it could be the end of our handling of garbage disposal. So PLEEEEASE follow the requirements. We wish to continue with garbage disposal at our marina. It only takes a few to ruin the efforts of the rest – please help us to help you.

Our marina is a proud member of the Clean Marine program, from which we have attained a Five Anchor Diamond ranking. We undergo third party evaluation and receive our ranking every three years. Wright’s Marina Limited is committed to reducing and preventing water, air, and land pollution from recreational boating activities on Georgian Bay. We strive to improve our services and to educate boaters, cottagers and visitors.
For more information please visit the Boating Ontario site:
We pride ourselves not only as a Clean Marine, but as a clean marina. Our washrooms are maintained by Diana to above standard. We attempt to keep our grounds cut and manicured while providing quality barbeques, umbrellas, chairs and picnic tables for boater use. We ask you to please assist us by turning off lights, closing Washroom, Laundry and Upper Deck doors, closing umbrellas and placing seat cushions away from wind and rain. Any borrowed items should be returned to their original location. New towers will light the dock as well as provide electricity and water supply. Our potable water follows the Public Health Unit’s stringent guidelines for testing and upkeep. We apologize for the late start up this season (cold weather and dock upgrade). To open, we must submit two pass samples from each system to the district Public Health Unit. Once submitted, we are contacted by our Public Health Unit Inspector to confirm start up. We received confirmation. With our issues with the front dock supply last year we upgraded our system this spring with secondary back up disinfection should it be deemed necessary.

Last summer, we were recognized internationally through – Boater’s Choice. It was an honour to be voted Top Canadian Marina by boaters. In previous years, we made the International Top 100 list. Over the winter, was purchased by In 2010, we were awarded the national ‘Clean Marine Award’ by the Canadian Safe Boater Association. It is an honour bestowed to those organizations who have ‘distinguished themselves in environmental stewardship’. We are appreciative of our customers and transients taking time to fill out the online review. We are proud of our employees working together for the goal of your satisfaction. They deserve much credit for our recognition.

Each year we strive to better ourselves. Proper training, new shop service windows and doors, improvements to our docks, electrical, water, fuel dispensaries, grounds, and interior lighting are some of the recent improvements. Our staff are expected to be stewards in the protection of our environment. Please join us to help preserve our land and water. I will be emailing the voluntary Clean Tenant (boater and cottager) form to pledge your island or ship be Clean. Please fill out, sign and return the attached form at your earliest convenience. It is our pledge to do our part in preserving our islands and waters. You may wish to check out the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve website:

Portions of our marina are monitored for your safety and security. Be sure to check our Wright’s Marina Limited website,, and like our Facebook page,, where you will find boater and cottager information posted. Feel free to share your reviews or appropriate pictures for all to enjoy. Graham and I wish to provide you with a pleasant experience at Wright’s Marina Limited. You may contact us at We look forward to being part of your summer!

Karrie, Graham and Crew