Here are some tips which can help ease the environmental impact of routine boating and cottage life:

(Disclaimer: Wright’s Marina does not take credit for any of these tips. They are merely a compilation of ideas from all over including, our customers. Ideas may be submitted here. We hope many will participate in expanding the list by submitting their own practices or tips.)


  • keep a supply of oil-absorbant rags on board for spill cleanup of oil and fuel. Even small spills of oil can contaminate a large volume of water.
  • use non-toxic cleaners many cleaning products contain phosphates and other chemicals that are toxic to aquatic ecosystems. Before using products with hazardous warning labels, such as skull and crossbones, try a natural cleaner like vinegar.
  • use a tarp or drop sheet – when scraping or sanding the bottom, use a tarp to collect the old flakes, which are still hazardous. All sanding and scraping of the boat should be done away from the water, if possible. If it’s a breezy day, use part of the tarp to form a windbreak; this prevents the flakes from blowing off the drop sheet. Collect all paint residue and correctly dispose of it at an appropriate waste facility. A vacuum is useful in cleanup and containing of the small particles.