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We hope you have been well this winter; and continue to have good health. In early January I sent out the mooring agreements to be initialled, signed and insurance information filled in. We have not received yours yet. Now that last year’s agreement is nearing an end on May 15th, I require the mooring agreement sent back in January for May 16, 2020 to May 20, 2021 to be on my desk before last year’s agreement expires (14 days). I have attached another copy for you to complete online or print and return by mail. Be sure to send a copy to your insurance company for your file. If you do not intend to dock or store your boat at Wright’s Marina, please email or call toll free 1-866-383-2295. Some boats were waiting to have a survey done for insurance companies to renew their insurance coverage. With the coronavirus these surveys have not been able to be completed. Please check with your insurance company as they will most likely be extending your coverage and postponing your survey. We realize the COVID-19 is a concern, and this issue is interfering with your springtime return to the cottage or boat, but the mooring agreement is not affected by the COVID-19. Your boat must have insurance coverage to be docked and stored at our marina and we must have the upcoming season agreement before the other one lapses. Once the restrictions are lifted, a boat will not be put in the water if we do not receive the 2020-2021 mooring / storage agreement signed, initialled and insurance coverage included before May 16 2020. The Ontario government has just lifted some restrictions. Marinas are now able to prepare boats and launch as long as the boat remains tied to our dock. The marina is NOT open to the public. You may not come to work on your boat. If you wish to work on your boat, you MUST wait until the restrictions for the public are lifted and we allow the public back on marina premises. Please be sure to fill in the launch form on our website. You may email your request date as well. We require 2 weeks notice for launching of your boat. With the late start due to COVID-19 we can not guarantee the launch date as there are many boats to launch. Please be understanding as this is a stressful time for all of us. WE hope to accommodate you as best we can.Please stay safe and self isolate. Together we can flatten the curve and have the restrictions lifted for summer fun. We look forward to your return! Thank youKarrie Lacey