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The families at Hindson Marina and Wright’s Marina are thrilled to share the exciting news of a change of ownership! Kelly Hindson has purchased Wright’s Marina from Karrie & Graham Lacey, growing the Hindson Marina family as of April 1st, 2021.
Kelly Hindson owns the independent marinas of Hindson’s in Penetanguishene and Killbear Marina near Parry Sound and has many years of experience in the marina industry. “Wright’s is a great addition to Hindson’s and Killbear; the location and the family-feel of the Marina just fit so well,” he explains. “Wright’s gives our boaters a destination to head up to and gets them out boating, which is great for everyone. Like the other two marinas, we’re keeping it independent; it’ll be run the same way it has been and it’ll definitely continue to be family-focused.”
Wright’s Marina is a third-generation, family-run marina located in Britt. Wright’s was started by Karrie’s family in 1950 and has been owned and operated by Karrie & Graham since 2000. “Wright’s has been a huge part of my life and it’s always a tough decision to sell. We’re happy knowing the Marina will continue to be run by another independent, family business,” says Karrie. Graham feels the same, adding “Kelly is a perfect fit for Wright’s and the customers up here.”
Marina operations will remain in the family despite the change of ownership. We’re pleased to be bringing Madi Lacey back to Wright’s Marina in the role of General Manager; she will represent the fourth generation of the Wright family within the Marina. Madi brings years of first-hand knowledge gained through her upbringing and hands-on training in various areas of Wright’s Marina, as well as an Intermediate Marina Management designation obtained through the Association of Marina Industries. She returns after a year and a half period at the Boating Ontario Association, which has further equipped her for her new position and provided her with invaluable knowledge of the marine industry.
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