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Our commitment to a Clean Marina

Clean Marine Certified

Clean Marine Certified

Wright’s Marina has been a member of the Ontario Marina Operators Association (OMOA) since inception 40+ years ago. In 1998 the Association hired an independent business – Green Leaf Environmental with the help of government funding – to conduct a Clean Marine Anchor Rating Program. Green Leaf would conduct on site verification and a thorough 26 page questionnaire to rate interested marinas every three years. Wright’s Marina Limited joined the program later in 1999 when attending the Marina Convention. With the changing of family ownership we attained a one out of five anchor rating in the Spring of 2000. As our attention to the environment grew, we increased our Anchor rating as we implemented environmental initiatives into the day to day operations of our marina. In 2008 we achieved the highest 5 Anchor Rating along with a few other Ontario marinas. In 2010 the OMOA rebranded to – Boating Ontario – and continued to push the environmental issues of the fresh waterways. As the government funding for the program dried up, the Clean Marine Program is now supported solely by Boating Ontario and participating marinas. Also in 2010, Green Leaf implemented a four year inspection and a new rating system (Gold, Diamond and Platinum) on top of the Anchor ratings in hopes of inspiring marinas to stay onboard the Clean Marine Program. At our summer inspection in 2010 we were granted the GOLD Level Ranking. A small number of marinas achieved this ranking. As a result, we were nationally recognized and awarded the 2010 Green Marine Environmental Award from the Canadian Safe Boating Council – a very high honour. With all the upgrades to our marina over the last few years, we graduated to a Diamond Rating in the summer of 2014. Decreased use of paper, new high efficiency lighting in buildings, 4 stroke rentals, gas tank/dispenser/dock upgrades, employee training and office improvements boosted our marina to the second highest DIAMOND Ranking. We continue to build on the previous shop, hazardous disposal, garbage, recycling, yard conditions, employee training, cleanliness and office improvements in an effort to enhance the marina conditions for our clients. We have you to thank as we couldn’t have done it without the efforts of our boaters and cottagers who contribute and push us to be better. Thank you. All of our customers are asked to read, sign and comply with our “Wright’s Marina Ltd. Clean Marina Tenant Policy.”

Our Commitment

Mission Statement

Wright’s Marina Limited is committed to reducing and preventing water, air, and land pollution from recreational boating activities on Georgian Bay. We are striving to improve service and education to boaters & cottagers so they may adopt our mission as their own. WRIGHT’S MARINA CLEAN MARINE POLICY 1) This marina understands and recognizes the vital importance of maintaining a clean natural environment as being fundamental to its activities. 2) In accepting and adopting the best management principles and operating practices that are appropriate to its operation, our marina commits itself to the best of its ability to:

  1. Eliminate the release of contaminants to the water column, both directly and indirectly.
  2. Minimize the release of pollutants to the atmosphere.
  3. Avoid contamination to the ground.
  4. Adopt the three R‘s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle strategy.
  5. Optimize energy and water conservation.
  6. Promote good environmental practices to all parties.
  7. Abide by, and where possible, exceed all relevant legislation.

3) Our marina management will introduce sound environmental practices into every aspect of our operations. We will attempt to train our employees to understand and implement these practices. We will provide the resources that are needed to fulfill this policy. 4) The philosophy of this policy will be integrated into our contract between the marina and our customers. 5) All suppliers will be made aware of the intent of this policy and will be encouraged to adopt the same good practices where appropriate. 6) Our marina also commits itself to an ongoing program of self evaluation. We will strive to continually improve our environmental performance in the light of future developments in marine management techniques and product availability. 2014 Clean Marine Diamond Rating 2010 Green Marina Canadian Safe Boating Award Karrie and Graham Lacey

Revised January 2015
Boater/Customer Commitment

Wright’s Marina Ltd. Clean Marina Tenant Policy

I have read and agree with the intent of Wright’s Marina Clean Marine Policy. I am aware that the marina is adopting Clean Marine Practices throughout the facility. I will make every effort to comply with those practices where possible and help the marina to protect our natural resources.

Boater/Customer Commitment

As the owner of (a cottage or boat) , and as a tenant of Wright’s Marina Limited, I confirm that I am familiar with and that I fully agree with the intent of the Clean Marine Policy. Our entire Clean Marine Practices Handbook is available for reading in the Store. Basically, in becoming (or being) a tenant, I commit my guests, my crew and myself:

  1. To keep all recyclables and garbage of any kind on board the boat until we are able to place it in the shore bins.
  2. To separate appropriate recyclables, compress them, and place them (not bagged) in the Recycling container. To deposit the CLEAR garbage bags of household waste ONLY into the Bear Proof Bins. New BynKey waste management regulations mean the Marina is NO longer able to process any refuse such as building product waste, paint cans, scrap metal.
  3. To take separated hazardous wastes, including used oils, old unusable fuel, empty dry paint cans, small batteries, and dispose of such wastes at my municipal household hazardous waste collection site.
  4. To take all necessary steps to avoid spilling fuel, oil or any chemicals or cleaners whatsoever into the water or ground; to refrain from pumping oil contaminated bilge water overboard; to use a bilge sock or boom; and to be guided by instructions from the attendant at the gas and/or pump out dock. Please note – Insurance regulations prohibit the filling of marina fuel tanks from portable gerry cans within the Marina boundaries.
  5. To carry out any repair work on the boat in designated areas only, taking precautions required by the Marina to avoid leaving any debris, litter or liquid contaminants on the ground.
  6. To use the onshore washroom facilities whenever practical when the boat is at the dock, and to try to avoid pumping gray water overboard when at dock in the marina.
  7. To NEVER discharge raw sewage from the black water holding tanks to anywhere other than an approved pump out facility.
  8. To use environmentally friendly products whenever and wherever possible.
  9. To operate my boat in a safe and considerate manner at all times and to operate the engines only when necessary; to avoid creating a WAKE when entering or leaving the marina dock area and to travel by other docks/close shoreline with a low non-disruptive wake; to avoid causing a nuisance to all others using the marina facilities.
  10. To always show respect for the environment and fish, birds, animals and all creatures that share it with us.
  11. To promote CLEAN MARINE practices at all times.
Tips For Green Boating

Here are some tips submitted by our customers which can help ease the environmental impact of routine boating and cottage life:

(Disclaimer: Wright’s Marina does not take credit for any of these tips. They are merely a compilation of ideas from all over including, our customers. We hope many will participate in expanding the list by submitting their own practices or tips.)

  • Always empty holding tanks at the provided pump out stations. Wright’s Marina has pump facilities at its gas docks.
Environmental Tip Submission form
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