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Good afternoon – Just a heads up as to what is coming tomorrow – Friday July 24th 2020
Under the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit mandate, face coverings are required for inside our public buildings starting on July 24th, 2020.  Please see the attached link.  Our employees inside the store will wear a double lined mask  when unable to 6’ physical distance from other employees; and will wear a mask when a customer enters the store. We ask you to wear your double lined mask covering your nose, mouth and chin when entering into our store.  The clerk behind the counter and Plexiglas may not wear a mask unless the clerk steps out from behind the Plexiglas. We ask one family member only to enter store with a maximum of three customers in the store, and maintaining a physical distancing of 6 feet between others.  Please be kind and understanding as we implement these new rulings. A hand wash station is available behind the pump out enclosure. Please wash hands prior to entry to store.  Hand sanitizer is available inside as well.

NBPSDHU   mask link

On the docks, we continue to ask you to open tanks, close windows and doors, vacate the boat and dock area.  Hook up your water hose if you require potable water to you water tank.  If it is near a fuel tank, please wait to fill, as you will not be there to oversee the water filling.  We don’t want any water to get into the fuel tanks.  Dock Crew may wear the shields as a precautionary measure while on the docks. The dock crew will not fuel boats if you are in the boat, within 8’ of a crew member.  You will be asked to pump water through your waste tank (maintaining a 6’ physical distance), and then vacate the boat and dock area again.   Once the dock crew has completed your fueling or pump out, the dock crew will leave the dock and you may return to place the caps back on your tanks, turn on your blower, or fill water tank with potable water.

NOTE: The parts and service department will be authorized personnel only.  No entry for customers. Employees inside the shop are not required to wear a mask if they are maintaining the 6’ physical distancing. A table and bell will be set up at the front door of the shop (parts and service), and we ask you to ring the bell for service.  You may check in the window on the west end if Graham is in his office on the phone should he not answer the bell.  If no one responds to the bell, Graham or the technicians may not be in the building at the time.  They may be on the docks, in boats, or out back – have a look around or call out.  If you can send an email with any parts or service you may request prior to visiting, this would be most beneficial.  Hand sanitizer is available on the table for use.

Upon entering the washrooms/showers, you must wash your hands at the wash station at the top of the stairs prior to entry to the building. (Trying to keep the highly touched areas as free from contaminants as possible).  Washing hands prior to leaving the facilities is a given.  The high touch areas are sanitized throughout the day. Diana cleans the facilities well daily between 12:30 – 4:30.  She will lock the door when she is in cleaning. Please do not use the facility she is cleaning.  A port a potty has been kept on premises if you should need to use during the washroom cleaning.

The Upper Deck is only open to our seasonal cruisers and sailboat members.  Cottage boaters are not to enter the Upper Deck. NO one under 19 is to be in the Upper Deck, sorry.   A maximum of 10 people in the Upper Deck and wearing your double lined face masks. Hand sanitizer is available inside near the patio doors.

WE thank you for acknowledging these trying and different times.  We care about the safety of our staff and our customers.  We are all in this together, so hopefully, we can all work together to maintain a healthy, and happy atmosphere.

Thank you,

Karrie Lacey
Wright’s Marina Limited
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