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With more and more boaters arriving with green garbage bags, we thought we should post a reminder on our garbage & recycling services based on the rules imposed to us by the Byng Dump Committee.
Byng Garbage Dump Rules as set out by the Byng Dump Committee state that ALL garbage MUST be in clear garbage bags to determine the contents in order to monitor recycling/garbage to the Dump site located in Byng Inlet. Wright’s Marina Limited agrees to accept their customer’s household garbage and transport to the Byng Dump site for a fee, and under the provision the customer adheres to the following rules:

  1. MUST use CLEAR transparent garbage bags for household garbage disposal into the east end GREEN BEAR PROOF BINS:
    Household garbage consists of:
    -kitchen waste
    -bathroom waste
    – clothing
    -toys (no metal)
    -kleenex/paper towels
    – other waste that is generated within the household and is not included in the recycling program (no metals, paint cans, glass)
    ****** Please Note: NO RECYCLING mixed with the household barbage IN THE GREEN BEAR PROOF TYEDEE* BINS
  2. RECYCLABLES MUST be WASHED and CRUSHED down when possible to enable more recyclables into the recycling bin. This means disposable fees keep to a minimum with less emptying of the large bin
    Acceptable recyclables
    -clear or coloured glass
    – beverage cans ( pop or beer cans Lions Club)
    – food cans
    – rigid plastic
    -plastic water bottles
    -soft drink bottles
    -mixed plastic
    – meat, vegetable or fast food styrofoam containers (small) -aluminum foil and trays (Lions Club)
    -polycoat – milk, juice and tetra paks (drinking boxes)
    ** NOT ALLOWED: dinnerware, light bulbs or window glass.

NOTE: Any item not listed above will NOT be accepted. Arrangements for disposal of wood, metal, shingle, fridge, stove, freezer, styrofoam floats, insulation, antifreeze, used oil, used filters MUST be made in advance with Graham. There are fees associated with these arrangements. A bin may need to be ordered and billed to you.

If it is determined that we are not following these Byng Garbage Dump Rules, Wright’s Marina, could lose their dump priviliges and will no longer have access to the dump.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.