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Recycling Bin

Our Recycling Bin

The area dump management (Bynkey dump site) has instigated new rules EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY that effects us all.

Effective immediately ALL garbage MUST be in a clear bag so they can see the contents. The new rule  includes the provision of one small grocery size “privacy bag” per large clear bag to conceal sensitive items, such as medical supplies and financial records.

The new rule is an attempt by Bynkey to streamline garbage disposal at the local dump site. It’s also a bid to improve recycling practices, and divert more waste away from the landfill therefore extending its life before closing. Please note that they will also no longer accept any items other than household garbage bags.

We understand this may cause some hardship however the DUMP committee is firm on the clear bags and items they will accept. Therefore, everyone must purchase clear garbage bags and continue to recycle.

Wright’s Marina has always been pro-active when it comes to the environment and recycling. We provide our patrons a large recycling bin for glass and plastics and a separate container (grey wooden bin beside workshop) for  cardboard. We also encourage everyone to support the local Lions Club by recycling pop/beer cans and wine/liquor bottles in the blue barrels.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter and trust everyone will comply. Unfortunately, if we are unable to comply with the dump site’s new rules we will lose our privileges and use of the site. Should this happen disposing of your cottage/boat garbage will become your responsibility to transport to the dump site or home. The seriousness of this implication has prompted us to install cameras to monitor our garbage areas.

Should anyone wish further information please do not hesitate to ask us.