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The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) would like to provide you with a status update on the PAR 33 fire.
Great progress has been made on the Parry Sound 33 fire thanks to the hard work of our fire crews and favourable weather conditions. The fire situation today is much improved and we are pleased to inform you that the fire status is being changed to “Under Control” as of Aug. 23. As well, the Restricted Fire Zone for zones 21 and 24 will be removed on Friday Aug. 24.
Residents are back home and the community is getting back to work. Industrial operations in the area are also starting back up today, including construction at the Henvey Inlet Wind Farm. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry take the restart of operations very seriously and our number one priority is public safety. We have had extensive discussions with the company constructing the windfarm to set out a phased approach to resuming work.
The construction work that is resuming is at the company’s south site which is roughly 15 kilometres away from the community of Henvey Inlet. The company plans to focus on low-risk activities, like putting up fencing around the site and pouring cement foundations. Ministry staff have thoroughly reviewed the company’s start up plan and staff will be onsite when construction resumes and they will be monitoring the restart.
Safety rules are in place to protect the public and the company must follow industrial protocols to mitigate any fire risks.
Thank-you for your support.

AFFES, Communications (MNRF)