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Welcome back! We are less than a week away until Victoria Day weekend and finally getting some sunshine and warmer temperatures. Although, the nights can still be a little chilly as it dipped to -3*C two nights ago. We are really looking forward, as you probably are, to some hot, sunny weather! Fingers crossed.

As you received your summer dockage invoice in April some may notice a more significant increase in the slip and garbage disposal fees. The next season rates are set and placed on the website for viewing in November for the following April dockage and fall storage. This allows time to determine your fees prior to the next season.

Late last fall we disrupted the soil over the septic bed for the washrooms, showers and laundry. During the season we experienced a couple of days of low flow. In August we conferred with a couple of businesses to determine the best course of action. It was determined that since we have a water flow meter on our system and have records for water consumption, we were able to replace the existing system and change our washers to high efficiency (HE washers). Please be sure when using the washers to buy the HE laundry soap – preferably environmentally friendly.

It was nice to see the seasonal cruising boaters reaping the rewards of their vegetable and herb gardens. Thank you for removing the plants at season end. Last fall Dave worked on the main dock establishing decking around the water and hydro connections to create a stable platform. The new lighthouse towers have been installed this spring. The upgraded water system for the gas, wharf and docks 2-6 was installed early last spring. It is similar to the Dock 10 system which has run smoothly since installation in 2014. This spring has brought to light a couple of unexpected issues. Fall storms with strong east winds, winter ice, and a beaver/ground hog winter haven retreat have surfaced. Repairs to the east end wharf, forklift dock and front dock garden/grass area will be addressed in accordance with MNR. This will likely include the east end deck that has been affected by the wash out of soil beneath some deck footings.

Our shop staff has a couple of new faces. Drake was added last fall for the haul out season. He worked alongside Wayne learning the art of hauling/shrinking. Niki (LBI) has moved back to Britt and will temporarily join our shop/yard team this spring. Dave H and Scott will be your technicians this summer for your boating needs. Dave M and Chris will be on the Bay again this year. Please allow us to quote a renovation, dock or deck work, open or close cottages for you. In the Spring and Fall, the SHOP hours are Monday to Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm. It is open daily 8 am – 4:30 pm from June 30 – August 31st.

Pauline will open the store May 14 for spring cleaning and stocking of shelves in time for the May long weekend ( May 19-21). Pauline completed her VHF radio course (Restricted Operator Course) this winter. She may dazzle you with her lingo. Madi will be in the store Wednesday and Thursday, as well as on the docks with Jenna, Lysander and Chloe. Through the years all our students have attended the Student Marine Training Program presented by Boating Ontario. We have found it has helped with the introduction on the docks and customer service. We will miss Carson as the student dock trainer, but we trust our four returning dock hands are well equipped. We look forward to serving you this season. The STORE will be open weekdays until June 15th. Call or email by Thursday if you require your boat fueled, propane, pumped out or water etc placed in your boat for your after hours weekend arrival. From June 16 to August 31 the store will be open daily. Hours to be determined.

We continue to provide the bear proof bins for your household garbage (kitchen and bathroom). Our collection bins are only available for your use. Since we are not the dumpsite, we only take household garbage. The electronics, refrigerators, mattress, chairs, paint cans, pots, pans, Styrofoam, etc need to be transported by you to the Dump site in Byng Inlet. If you do not have the means to transport, please check with Graham if arrangements can be made. We have increased the garbage disposal fee by $5 for seasonal boaters and cottagers. The transient dockage rate has also been increased to reflect this increase. The Dump Permit is a $125 fee submitted directly to the Dump committee on behave of cottages using our bins. We have noticed and are thankful that cottagers and boaters continue to improve their correct clear bag and recycling items deposited in the bins. For a few years the bins have been under video surveillance to be sure only our patrons are using them. We love the recycling that is happening. However, we are still removing improper items that find their way into the recycling bins. We ask that an adult place the non bagged recycling and garbage into the proper bins. The Lions Club is also thankful for your donations of LCBO bottles, beer and pop cans. They use the moneys received for seniors activities and to help the Britt Area Nursing Services building expenditures. Any donations directly to the BANS Building Fund are always welcome at the Nursing Building.

Our marina is a proud member of the Boating Ontario Clean Marine program. We have attained the second highest ranking of Five Anchor Diamond. It is time for our 4 year re-evaluation. We undergo third party evaluation and receive a ranking based on the set out criteria. We are committed to reducing and preventing water, air, and land pollution from recreational boating activities on Georgian Bay. We strive to improve our services and to educate boaters, cottagers and visitors. For more information, please visit the Boating Ontario Clean Marine Program site We pride ourselves as not only a Clean Marine, but as a clean marina. Our washrooms are meticulously maintained by Diana. We attempt to keep our grounds cut and manicured, our docks maintained while providing quality barbeques, umbrellas, chairs, picnic tables and vegetable garden boxes for boater use. We ask you to please assist us by turning off lights, closing Washroom, Laundry and Upper Deck doors, closing umbrellas and placing the seat cushions away from wind and rain. Any borrowed items should be returned to their original location. Our potable water follows the Public Health Unit’s stringent guidelines for testing and upkeep. For the first time in the summer of 2016 we fell short of a pass on the front docks water line samples. We made sure we upgraded our system for 2017 season. We have a back up disinfection system in place should it be required. This year, our new high efficiency washers will aid in decreased water use.

Wright’s Marina has been approached by Kelsey, the Program Coordinator of Blue Flag, as a good candidate for the Blue Flag designation. Blue Flag is an internationally respected eco-label for marinas and beaches. Blue Flag celebrates excellence in water quality, environmental management and safety and accessibility. The program is a tremendous asset to tourism and sustainable development. The program is widely recognized for its positive impact on the environment, human health, and sustainable tourism. The program has been operating for 30 years, and tourists seek out the Blue Flag while vacationing here in Canada and around the world. There are more than 4,000 Blue Flags flying in 47 countries. Across Canada there are 27 beaches and 8 marinas flying the Blue Flag. We will be checking into the criteria to determine whether we will pursue.

Each year we try to better ourselves with continuing education. Scott completed his marine technician exam this winter. Members of our shop staff updated their lift operations (fork lift, hydraulic trailer, travel lift) in April. Pauline received her ROC. Most of our staff have been trained in CPR and the AED use. We hope we never have to use either. Keep checking our website for any updates or to submit pictures of boating and cottage life. We look forward to seeing you this summer.(when it arrives)

See you soon,
Karrie, Graham and the Wright’s Crew