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Good morning

As we move closer to the summer solstice, we look forward to seeing you heading to the cottage or relaxing on the boat. It has been an unusual beginning to 2020, and now as we approach the year’s halfway mark, we hope for a fresh start. Summer sun, Georgian Bay blue water, beautiful anchorage, starry nights, favourite fishing hole, or campfire crackles begin to beckon to us.  We may have taken much for granted in years past, but it is time to embrace the great outdoors and the future. The dreaded COVID may not be behind us, but the new normal may be upon us so better to make the best of it in paradise. ‘It is what it is’

Our summer students will soon arrive. Lysander, Orlando, Chloe, Hunter, and Peyton will greet you on the docks. Zach will be maintaining our grounds.  Pauline will oversee the young squad as we cruise on through the summer. Drake or Carson may taxi you to your island destination or be in the boat yards, on the docks, or transporting boats to your marina. Chris and Dave M will head out every morning to island work (or work on marina items). Dave H, Scott and Graham have the task of looking after your ‘baby’, and Karrie will send the dreaded bills.  We are fortunate to have a great crew to serve you.

We have a few items to remind you of as you move about the marina. The COVID procedures are in place to protect both you and our crew so please respect the protocols.  We are hoping to have a few changes as we move forward.

-Sometimes it is difficult to dock your boat without help. Should you require help, please call ahead on VHF 68 to give our crew time to wash or sanitize hands, (or glove up), before meeting you to catch your lines. We are more than willing to help but sometimes we need a little more time to prepare safely for you.

-Having an 8’ wide fuel/pump out dock will enable us to have all sides of the docks available for use.  Please be cognisant of maintaining the six feet social distancing and move off the dock and boat when the crew is fuelling or pumping out your boat. Wearing a homemade mask when closer than six feet indoors conveys to others your effort to protect them- not because you have Covid, but because you do not know if you do have Covid. Use whatever PPE you feel comfortable with.  The store and shop have a Plexi barrier, please stand in front of it when speaking with our crew member behind the counter. In the store, if there is a line up for cashing out, please stand behind taped out areas on the floor to maintain the six-foot distance. One family member in the store at a time and a maximum of three customers in the store at one time please.  In the shop, one person at a time, others wait outside maintaining the six feet social distancing.  A hand washing station will be set up near the pump out tank, near the diesel fuel dispenser. Door handles will be sanitized throughout the day.

-Our chairs and BBQs have not been set out.  We may consider getting these items out, but we are trying to figure out the best method of sanitizing after each use and to maintain the integrity of the materials. Unfortunately, the wooden picnic tables will not make an appearance this summer.  The umbrella stands may be set up to offer protection from the sun. If they are present, and your umbrella is up after store hours, please put down after use and wash your hands afterwards.   You are encouraged to use your own lawn chairs if you prefer.

-The decking and railing on the washrooms, showers and laundry facility is being replaced. We are hopeful to open these facilities when our store crew returns. Diana will clean daily as usual. At various times during the day, our crew member will sanitize commonly touched items (door handles, light switches, faucets, etc.) The best defense is to wash hands prior to and after use of the facilities, and do not touch your face. A hand washing station will be set up outside and this is a MUST USE station before entry to the building.

-We have been in communication with the MNRF, MOE and BynKey regarding garbage and recycling. Our marina has accepted garbage for over 40 years and recycling since 2006 when the MNR gave us a requested recycling bin. In short, we can not be a ‘transfer station’. We are not allowed to take garbage or recycling from our seasonal boaters or cottagers.  You can take it home or transport to the local dump site. To use the Byng Inlet dump site, a permit of $125 must be purchased at the dump site or at our store(cash or debit only) You must transport the separated garbage (in clear garbage bag) and separate the different recycling items (cardboard, plastics, glass etc.)  For larger items to be transported, please speak with Graham to make prior arrangements before arriving with your large item at the marina. The large blue recycling bin and the green bear proof bins will leave the marina site. Islanders may wish to purchase smaller bear proof bins from the Home Hardware distributor on Joseph Street in Parry Sound.  We distributed them at one time but found little interest. They come with a $$$ tag but really are fantastic as we have not had any bears around our marina in quite sometime. It keeps bears out of garages, sheds, and cottages as the garbage in the bear proof bins is not accessible and the bears no longer access your property since they know they cannot access the garbage.  Some residents have plastic garbage containers or bird feeders out which attract bears to their properties. Please be careful if you do have feeders out.

-The Lions Club will continue to have blue barrels on premises for leaving your donation of returnable LCBO, Brewer’s Retail bottles or cans.  Pop cans are also acceptable donations to the Lions Club. Please do not put any garbage or other recyclables into these donation blue barrels.

-Work on the front wharf will not commence until later in summer/fall when determined mode, means of properly fixing the erosion issue is determined and to meet MNRF regulations.  Please stay on the board walk along the front wharf.  Exit the board walk at docks 2 and 3 and areas and at the pump out area. In the area behind the front wharf you may see water. The underlying soil back 7 seven feet may not be safe.  Please do not step on the grassy portions. Please use the safe exit sites from the wharf.

-Water is still on the rise. In the dock 10 and 1-2 areas, we will soon be working on building up the rocks/grounds, so puddle jumping is not required when there is a storm surge.

We look forward to your smiling faces and to a great summer on the water.  Let’s make the best of our COVID situation and enjoy our times at the marina and on the Bay!

The Wright’s Crew  😊