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Good afternoon,
Wright’s Marina is happy to post that we are now open to the public Monday to Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm. We have received our signage, Plexiglas and we have a public port a potty (PaP) on site at the entrance to the washroom building. Please follow the protocol for sanitizing PaP after use.  The previous guidelines/directives sent out earlier are still in effect. They are also available on our website for viewing.   A reminder to keep to your group of 5 or less of the same household and no guests are allowed on premises.  Please remember to allow one family on the dock or loading areas. At this time we do not have any ice on hand but we should by Thursday June 4.    Should you require fuel, water, propane or other, please email a few days prior to your arrival at the marina to enable us to place the items in your boat.  If you are returning to port for fuel or pump out, please call or VHF with arrival time,(preferable not between noon and 12:30pm). We hope you will follow the social distancing guidelines set out by the Ontario government as well as our Boating Association to ensure both you and our staff stay safe.  The outdoors is the best place to be. We are thrilled to be open for your return.

 It is difficult to determine if allergies or COVID for some symptoms. Best to err on the side of caution.

The store has social distancing signs/tape for you to stand behind.  Please have one family member enter the store for purchasing.  We are trying to avoid cash purchases for obvious reasons. Debit, Visa and Mastercard are available. A tap device has been ordered but in the meantime the Interac machine is sanitized after each use.  Since many of you have a charge account with us, we would prefer to have you charge your purchases. We shall email the invoice and you may pay each invoice as you receive it or wait for the semi monthly statement and pay the balance.  Please pay upon receiving.  There will be a limit of 3 in the store (follow the tapped areas)  We may have you exit the back of store if the front door is occupied.  Inside the store, you may wish to wear your homemade mask. This is not mandatory as long as the social distancing of at least 6 feet is maintained.

For fueling and pump out service:  The boater must open tanks and close tanks for the dock crew.  As in TSSA regulations, boaters must debark boat while dock crew fills fuel.  For small tanks, please place the tank on the dock, open and close cap for dock crew.  Replace tank to your boat after purchase complete.  For pump outs, the boater will be asked to pump water through to waste tank for thorough pump out. (social distancing maintained) These are different times that we are trying to navigate.  Please bare with us as we continue to roll with the changes.

For on board boaters: To open our potable water on the dock, samples were submitted May 28th once the system was up and running. Today we received the great results and now have submitted them to the Public Health to receive permission for the opening of the potable water distribution.  A reminder that each boat must have their own white water hose as Wright’s Marina will no longer be supplying.  Please connect and fill as needed and return your hose to your boat when completed. Please be sure to sanitize (wipe) the on/off handle and tap supply end after use.

Taxi service has resumed. The Government of Canada has stipulated “all travellers have a removable face covering (mask) large enough to cover their mouth and nose during on passenger vessels”; physical distancing when possible.  Please bring your mask with you. Children under 2 years of age are not required to wear a mask.  We are not able to load or unload your items, please allow for extra time.

Hand washing for 20 seconds (two happy birthday verses), with soap and water or use of an alcohol based hand sanitizer are highly recommended.  We would like you to do so before entering store. (we are awaiting water hook up and soap dispenser outside the store)

It’s a lot to deal with and we trust each will be diligent in their efforts.  When we all work together, we help to keep a safe environment for all.

Stay Safe,
Karrie and Graham
Wright’s Marina Limited