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Good morning

We are now into June with many boats launched and more ready to set afloat.  The black flies have long gone and there is no sign of mosquitos…yet- that’s always positive.  Apparently the pickerel are starting to bite and we have many small mouth bass spawning around the shoreline.  We ask that you do not fish off the docks until June 27th –  this way bass are safe protecting their nests.

There have been some changes at Wright’s this season.  Our long time employee, Wayne Lamondin, passed away in early March a young 69 years of age. Last fall he was diagnosed with cancer and he fought the good fight up until the end.  I remember when ‘Crawlie’ worked for us and passed away in the mid 70’s ( yes I was just a little one then). His son Wayne took his position at Wright’s filling his father’s shoes. Wayne brought humour, trust and loyalty with him as he worked for over 40 years with three generations of Wrights.  He is missed.

Our two technicians, Dave and Scott, received their ABYC electrical marine training and Scott continued his BRP Evinrude training over the winter. Both continue to hone their skills to better serve you. Dave M and Chris have been busy this spring raising our fuel docks, getting cottages and cottage docks in place for summer use.  There is much marina work that will need to be done this summer between jobs on the bay. Please contact Graham or Dave M for your reno/dock needs. The last few years Drake has been learning the yard trade from Wayne.  He is handling the responsibility well;  Carson has been working with Drake this spring/summer and you may see him on the docks as well.   Pauline is back in the store to brighten our day.  Please follow the new signs, one family member in the store and please social distance.  Chloe arrived in early May for boat detailing.  She will be behind the counter on Pauline’s days off, and on the docks this summer with Lysander and Orlando. We are not sure what the summer will hold in regards to boat traffic.  Spring hours have been 8- 4:30  Monday to Friday at the shop and store.  The daily summer hours at the shop will start July 4, 8-4:30 ensuring a tech on staff daily.  For now our store hours are Monday- Friday 8-4:30. Starting June 13, the store will be open daily 8-4:30 Monday to Saturday and 9-4:30 on Sunday. The hours will change for July and August and will be posted on our website and at the store.   Please call toll free 866-383-2295, vhf channel 68 or email your fuel and store item request to better serve you.

The water level keeps rising so please be careful as you navigate the inland areas as your points of reference may have changed.  Summer coast guard students have arrived to patrol the waters in our area.  They are a welcome addition and a true sign of the start of the boating season.    With the high water the grass area behind the main wharf, (docks 2 – diesel dock), has eroded up to 6 feet back and continues to sink daily. For safety reasons, please stay on the dock path or board walk.  The years of low water have dried the soil and with the high water, wave action and ice conditions have undermined the underside of the grassy area.   We were set to make some major dock height changes to the waterfront this spring, but the erosion problem would not have been addressed.  We are seeking professional counsel to be sure we only do this once and do it right.  With MNRF restrictions on waterfront work, we will likely be doing the changes in the fall/winter/spring.  In the meantime, we have launched docks 2 and 3 and moved some boats to dock 10.  We are still under COVID restrictions so we ask you please adhere to the yellow signage about the marina.

Unfortunately there will be no garbage or recycling collection available onsite, and it is highly unlikely we will see the return as the MOE, MNRF and BynKey Dump Committee weigh in.  Wright’s has always offered garbage collection and began our recycling program in 2006 as we increased our efforts to be a clean marina.  We wish to thank you for your help as you continue to respect the land and waterways going forward.  BynKey dump permits can be purchased from us at the store, or the Byng Dump site for $125.00. The dump is ONLY open on Sunday and Wednesday 8am – 2 pm and holiday Mondays.  You must transport your garbage and large items to the dump; please do not leave on our premises. You may speak to Graham if you have large items needing transport.

You may visit our website for additional updates or information. Like us on facebook and post your lovely pictures of life on the Georgian Bay. We look forward to your return to boats and cottages as we navigate these unusual times.

Karrie and Graham Lacey