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Good morning

We hope you have been well as we continue to navigate these COVID-19 times.  We wanted to take a moment to fill you in on the latest government restrictions as of 12:01 this morning and how they are affecting your and our marina. Please read the attachment.
As many of you are aware marinas became a non-essential service on April 4. All operations had to shut down.  This affected our ability to do dock and wharf repairs in mid to late April.  Through our Boating Ontario and NMMA (marina trades) applying a little pressure to enable marinas to start to prepare staff, launch boats and ready the marina, the government lifted restrictions for marinas to do just that starting 12:00:01 am on May 4.
It came as a surprise to read this pass Friday evening, that ratepayers are now allowed to visit their seasonal properties. The additional information is that the water access boats are priority. The government still restricts recreational boating and as such has deemed water access cottage boats able to now leave marina docks for transport to and from the cottage.  Marinas were all caught off guard by this announcement as we are no where near ready to have client’s at our marina. We have launched only a few boats as the launch request forms come in and mooring agreements are signed and received prior to launch.   Unfortunately, cottage docks are not yet in as we spent two days installing our docks, and a third/fourth day checking cottage docks and damage. So far Mother Nature has not been kind to us as west winds, snow and cold temperatures inhibits our repair work.  As such, we must apologize as we are not prepared to open for the May long weekend. I have attached measures for the seasonal ratepayers (cottagers), and ask you to please read and adhere to.
I shall email additional updates once the recreational boating restrictions are lifted by the Ontario government and when we are open for business to the public. Perhaps investing in a washable face mask in case this becomes the norm. Some places of business are requiring for entry now.

Stay safe,
Your Wright’s Marina family


Wright’s Marina Measures email re COVID-19 May 12