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Good afternoon,
We wish to keep you up to date and to fill you in on the latest developments as they pertain to you and Wright’s Marina.  As you may be aware, the government has further lifted restrictions for marinas and launch sites.  Marinas MAY open as of this morning, May 16th, as long as they are prepared with COVID measures in place.  Unfortunately, we are not open to the public yet.  We are still repairing docks, awaiting Pauline’s return to set up the store, signage to arrive with directives etc.  COVID training for Pauline will need to be done for serving our customers and store sanitizing to keep our customers and staff safe.  Please be patient.  Today was to be the nicest day of the week, and we have windy and overcast weather.  Not a great weekend for boat prep with the rain forecast the next couple of days.  We will update you with our open date to the public. We hope it will be towards the end of this week.

The season has started quite differently and we are trying to get up to speed. Attached are loading zone and fuel zone directives to ADHERE to when you arrive at the marina. One family at a time at the load/unload zone to be sure of safe distancing.  One boat on each fuel dock to allow for safe distancing.  The  attachment of marina information re  COVID-19 update May 16, addresses what is open, available  or not and the procedures to follow while at the marina. For those boaters that wish to work on or ready your boat prior to launch we require 5 days between staff or boater on board the vessel.   Give us a minimum notice of 5-6 weekdays ahead of when you wish to be onboard so we can remove the shrink wrap off your boat and place the canvas. Remember the shop crew does not work on weekends.   For example if we receive notice by email on the holiday Monday that you wish to be onboard  to prep your boat as soon as possible, it means we would schedule to remove wrap and install onsite canvas at the earliest on Tuesday morning.  This means you would be able to start prepping your boat the following Sunday morning; 5 full days of inactivity on board as the virus can live for 5 days on some materials.  This is to protect both our staff and our clients.   If you have your own tarp or cover on your boat, please email with the date you will be onsite to prep your cruiser/sailboat, and let us know it is ready to launch or prep engines for summer use.   5 full days after you have departed the boat, our techs will begin prep of your boat for use. Once we have it tied to the dock, it requires another five full days before you can board.  If you wish to prep the boat once it’s in the water than we can remove our shrink wrap, install onsite canvas, prepare the boat for summer use (engines, water, servicing etc, launch and tie to dock.  Again, 5 full days from when we left your boat to when you may board. It will be a process unlike any other launch year – and it is for the safety of all.  You will not be onsite for launch.

It is important to note that only a port a potty is available for clients at this time.  No laundry or showers are available.   No garbage or recycling is available.  Please leave your vehicle garbage/recycling in your vehicle and your boat or cottage garbage/recycling will need to be taken home with you.  We have not fully invoiced for dockage, additional parking, garbage permit or disposal fees yet.  We invoice cottagers the $125 dump permit fee so we may dispose of your garbage.  Cottagers and boaters are able to purchase this $125 dump permit, but would need to transport their garbage for disposal at the dump site (Byng Inlet) on Wednesday or Sunday 9 am – 2 pm.  We were uncertain of what the season had in store for all.  Once we have a better understanding of who is launching their boat or opening their cottage, I shall invoice accordingly.

Please remember the government has asked that folks limit the gathering to 5 people – family members.  Only cottager are to be at their cottage with members of their own household, as well as boaters when on site. Please do not invite guest on our premises at this time. On a positive note, boating and cottage season are starting, and the fire ban has lifted. Time to enjoy a campfire.

Please review and familiarize yourselves with all three of the following COVID-19 directives.

Be safe
Karrie, Graham and the Wright’s Crew

CVID-19 Safety Measures Safety

Loading Zones Directives

Fuel & Pump Out Area Directives